We are a trained Colourlock installer.

We specialize in leather surface care, repairs and painting. With Colourlock products we can repair, smooth and dye genuine and artificial leather. The same product range is used by e.g. BMW, Porsche and many other manufacturers for dyeing leather in original interiors.

We always tint the color according to the object, either in the original shade or according to the customer's wishes. Work from patches of small holes and partial paintings to complete changes in the color of the interior is successful.

We can repair and integrate e.g.:

  • Genuine and imitation leather
  • Dry, hard, broken, burnt or torn skin
  • Bellows, holes, scratches
  • Water and grease damage
  • Traces caused by pets
For skins and plastics, we also make color changes or repairs to the interior with the original color. Over time, the skin dries, cracks or stains, etc. if not treated properly. With the right materials, we get cleaned, embellished and protected leather.

We recommend treatments from new to old leather. The work will be done through us or we can make a package according to your needs with you.

If there is a crack / hole or a color defect in the bench, steering wheel, door cardboard, dashboard, etc. for which washing and care is no longer sufficient, we can correct it!

In our treatment, we get it as new and even more durable compared to the original! It can be cars, boats, trucks, furniture, motorcycles, shoes, motorcycle accessories, accessories and so on.